My name is Tim and I live in the Netherlands. My internet alias "tvurk" is an abbreviation of my first and last name. It's my passion to make pictures that have a dreamlike atmosphere. You could say my pictures are a form of escapism;  take an inner journey to another world where everything is full of magic and mystery.

The majority of my pictures are taken in the forest, especially when it's foggy to enhance the dreamlike quality. I also like to take pictures of nature in urban places and at nighttime. I'm always in search for atmospheric locations where everything seems to be otherworldly for a brief moment in time. The challenge to capture those magic moments motivates me to keep growing as a photographer and expand the bounds of my creativity.

I hope you have enjoyed visiting my website. Don't forget to check out the links to the other websites where I share many more pictures, my portfolio here is only a small fraction of my work.